Quite possibly regarded as the most challenging class of the Kartmasters Grand Prix, Fusion Motorsports Junior X30 drivers Alicia Barrett and Tom Edgar both earn’t themselves a ticket to the X30 World Championship held at Le Mans, France in October, after finishing 5th (Edgar) and 9th (Barrett) overall.

Date 5/8/18
Event Kartmasters
Track PF international

Despite a tough day 1 on Friday, where Barrett qualified 10th and Edgar 18th, both drivers achieved good results in their heats. In Heat 1, Barrett climbed 2 positions to 9th, whilst Edgar made up 9 places to finish just outside the top 10, in 11th. In Heat 2, again a mature result for Barrett in 12th, where as Edgar didn’t quite make up as many places like his first heat, however he did manage to come home in 19th after an interrupte race resulted in a red flag and restart, where Tom was made to start from the back of the grid.

On Day 3, Qualifying went even better for Barrett, as she posted the 5th fastest time, however Edgar was caught up in traffic on his fastest lap, meaning he only ended up 19th fastest at the flag. In Heat 3, Barrett maintained position, clinching 5th, whilst Edgar climbed 3 places to 16th. In the final heat of the weekend, Barrett again held her ground, finishing 5th. Edgar had an even stronger heat than his previous, making up 7 places to 12th, meaning both drivers would start 4th (Barrett) and 14th (Edgar) for Sundays Pre Final.

At the start of the Pre Final, Barrett was caught up in an incident which resulted in her cone dropping, and to make matters worse falling to the back of the pack. It went from bad to worse for the Fusion team, as Edgar retired early on from the race, however determined to make up for lap 1, Barrett started to pick off drivers lap by lap. At the flag, she finished 10th, but after taking her penalty, was demoted to 21st.

In the Grand Final, both drivers meant business from the get go. Edgar was charging through the field from 27th, whilst Barrett was also making up from a poor first lap. With the field eventually spreading out, it was Clayton Ravenscroft who took a deserved victory, with Edgar totting up a total of 22 places gained, to finish 5th at the flag. Just as impressive, Barrett made up 12 places, earning herself a ticket as well as Edgar, finishing inside the top 10, in 9th.

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